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- Celebrating the extraordinary beauty of China


Family Photos

What a better way to bid farewell to Shanghai - our home for these years - than with a family photograph set from GangOfOne Photography!



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Business Potraits

As a commercial photographer I rated myself as a great and creative photographer. I know how to satisfy your corperate needs in todays fast-changing world.


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Art Creations

"Through Gangfeng Wang's lens, we reach deep into China.His devotion and abiltiy to capture the beauty of these people hae won him international recognition."


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About Gang Feng Wang

Gang Feng Wang (Gang Of One Photography) was the first freelance photographer in China. "I always wanted to be a photographer, to celebrate the extraordinary beauty of people in China. Everyone was against me, but doing hard labour through the cultural revoluton taught me how to work hard and how to survive in this country. I bought expired film and practiced on a borrowed camera. In 1982, my Sister gave me my first ever camera, then I haven ever looked back. I don't know why my photographs appeal to so many people, I just shoot. There is a saying in China, beauty is everywhere, you just need to learn how to find it.

Before he became a successful photographer, like many others of his generation, he worked as a laborer.  During this difficult time his desire to capture images of China began to develop.   Even though he could not afford a camera he would frame moments in his memory.  A sea of young workers carrying baskets of mud..  The  wrinkles on the face of his grandmother.  And from these memories would emerge Wang’s appreciation for finding the perfect moment to photograph.

As he continued to work in farms and factories across China his desire to become a photographer grew.  Wang’s dream to become a photographer was sealed when he saw a former mentor at a factory retire to a harsh life.  This would not be a path Wang would follow.   His sister who was working in the city used her savings to purchase Gangfeng an Eastern camera from Tianjin.  From this point forward he would put all his time and limited resources into his passion for photography.